Village One classroom celebrated all we have learned about trees in the tree study by collaborating as a team to make a forest.

In the last 6 weeks we have learned the parts of the trees, how the xylem transports the water and nutrients up the trunk to the leaves, and the phloem directs the sugar made from the sundown to the roots. We have learned what fruit comes from trees, and which animals live in them. 

We experimented with what items in our classroom were made of wood, and whether they would float, and discovered the many uses of wood. The children got to graph what animals live in trees, and what fruit grows on trees. 

The children made countless artful masterpieces related to trees. We also created an apple orchard and farm stand to give the children a chance to pretend to buy and sell produce.  It has been a very fun and insightful study in which everyone including the teachers learned something.  

Head Teacher
Sarah Coon