“Our last day at Brattain with the kiddos has been trying, busy, sometimes chaotic, but also endearing and heartfelt. As we depart for the summer, many of us are unsure of where our feet will land in the fall. But what we do know is that we had a nice run here at Brattain. I have only been part of this team since November, but in that short amount of time I have come to see the love, teamwork, solidarity, and energetic spirit that has made this little nook of the woods so special. Lifelong friendships and fond memories with children and families have been made here. No matter where we each find ourselves in the future, those cherished memories will remain.
Our receptionist, Silvia, just joined us a couple of months ago but she soon became loved by all and a great team player. Today she made lighted flower garlands for staff to make the day even more beautiful. Christine’s garland complements her lovely dress and gorgeous hair. She wanted to look extra pretty on this special day; she knew families would want to take pictures because they too will miss this place and their beloved teachers and other staff. Today‘s moments in time will always be a moments in eternity for us. Brattain is not just a building to us, it is our family home. But this send-off for families is an encouragement for courage. Wherever we are, we will always be family, and new opportunities await.”
Vidya Nichols
FSC Region 1