Last night 11 SEEKERS graduated from the 2018-2019 class. These 11 SEEKERS would not have graduated without the help of training presenters and mentor teachers. A SEEKER never saw this in their future. They enrolled their child wanting the best education available to them and then enrolled in SEEKERS, creating a new group of early childhood teachers, aides, assistants, all thanks to your help, guidance, training and words of advise.

Training Presenters

Angel Nichol

Carol Njonjo

Caroline Weber

Charleen Strauch

Chava Kronen

Cheri Peterson

David Neubauer

Karla Snell

Kayla Goddard

Kerry Holmes

Jen Cooper

Jen Judd

Lauri Noda

Lisa Campbell

Lorraine Navarro

Maria Curtis

Mariann Roldan

Sami Allen

Stephanie Kropp

Stephanie Kearney

Trixie Place

Val Haynes

Mentor Teachers

Alissa McPherson

Andi Ruch

Ashlee van Hout

Casey Watson

Christal Bristol

Grace Gibbins

Jen Judd

Kayla Bauer

Kayla Goddard

Kendra Van de Water

Kristina LeMay

Maria Curtis

Roslyn Haynes

Sandi Gorham

Shelley Perkins

Tarra Kuroda

Tonya Pickner