1. The Executive Director is responsible for outsourcing or assigning staff to produce the annual report.
  2. The annual report will be made available on the agency web site. A limited number of paper copies will be available to distribute.
  3. The annual report will be completed no later than March.

The annual report shall include, but not limited to:

  1. Total amount of public and private funds received and the amount from each source;
  2. Explanation of budgetary expenditures and proposed budget for the fiscal year;
  3. Total number of children and families served, average monthly enrollment (as a percentage of funded enrollment), and percentage of eligible children served.
  4. Results of the Secretary’s most recent review and the financial audit;
  5. Percentage of enrolled children who received medical and dental exams.
  6. Information about parent involvement activities;
  7. Agency’s efforts to prepare children for kindergarten, and
  8. Other information the Secretary requires.

Policy Council approved: May 2010
Board of Directors approved: May 2010

Updated January 2013

This policy complies with 644(a)(2)