The Emergency Contact form will list individuals authorized by the parent/guardian to have access to their child at an HSOLC site, and those individuals the child may be released to from an HSOLC site or bus. Hereafter, the word “parent(s)” will refer to both parent(s) and legal guardian(s). Under no circumstances will the child be released to an individual who is either not listed on the Emergency Contact form signed by the parent, or authorized in a written statement signed by the parent. Parents must update the Emergency Contact form as needed, and in a timely manner. Parents must notify Head Start staff of changes to the Emergency Contact form. (see Emergency School Closure, School Bus Accident and Snow Day policy in the Labor Contract)


  1. During the intake process, an Emergency Contact form will be completed with the names of individuals authorized to be contacted in case of emergency and those authorized to pick up the child. Individuals authorized to pick up an HSOLC student, or receive a student from the bus, must be at least 12 years of age. All individuals authorized to pick up or receive from the bus must have photo identification available to present, for example: student id card, driver’s license, passport, or another form of photo id with Regional Manager (RM) or RM designee approval. 
  2. All sites will have a current signed copy of the Emergency Contact form in the ChildPlus file, a current signed copy on the bus, where busing is provided, and one classroom signed copy. With RM or RM designee approval, a parent may submit a written, signed statement to update the Emergency Contact form. In these cases, the parent should sign an updated copy of the Emergency Contact form as soon as possible (see Attendance policy)
  3. In cases where the parent is incapable of communicating their wishes:
    1. Due to incapacitation, hospitalization, disappearance,
    2. Due to Department of Health & Human Services (DHS) Welfare involvement:
      1. Staff will notify the RM
      2. The RM will notify the Head Start Director
      3. The HS Director will notify the Executive Director
      4. The RM, Head Start Director or Executive Director will designate a decision-maker for the child.
  4. In cases where the parent wishes to deny access to the non-custodial parent, they will be required to provide appropriate copies of legal documentation (for example: custody decree, restraining order, termination of parental rights). Staff will comply with the current and unexpired legal documentation on file, until written proof is received with gives different information.
  5. In cases where potential kidnapping or violence is an issue, photographs of said persons should be provided to Head Start by the parent, to assist staff in identifying these individuals.
  6. In cases where there are concerns on the part of the signatory adult, but there is no legal documentation available, DST will inform the RM and the Family Support Coordinator (FSC). The FSC will make appropriate referrals to legal aid or other legal counsel.
  7. If an individual appears at the site and is not listed on the Emergency Contact form:
    1. Staff will contact the signatory adult and the RM to inform them of the incident.
    2. If the individual refuses to leave, staff will inform then that HS will contact the police.
    3. Staff will refer to the crisis/emergency plan for child safety location if warranted.

Late Pick Up Procedure

  1. When a child is not picked up at the site or received from the bus in a timely manner:
    1. For self-transport children, staff will call persons listed on the Emergency Contact (EC) list after class ends. Staff will call the EC list in order, until reaching a contact who can pick up the child promptly. If there is no response from the EC list, staff will call the Regional Manager, the Assistant Regional Manager, or their designee.
    2. For bused children, staff will call persons listed on the EC list when the child is not received from the bus. If there is no response from the EC list, staff will call the Regional Manager, the Assistant Regional Manager, or their designee.

This policy complies with Head Start Performance Standard 45 CFR Section 1302.47 (7)
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