HSOLC cell phones are provided to certain employees for non-compensatory business purposes only. HSOLC will only issue cell phones to employees who have a substantial business reason to have a cell phone. These reasons include HSOLC’s ability to reach the employee at all times for work-related emergencies; and/or a need for the employee to consistently contact families and clients at times when the employee is away from the office. Failure to meet the “substantial business reason” criteria could result in an agency-provided cell phone becoming a taxable benefit to the employee.


  1. Executive Committee members, IT and Facilities staff, due to the need to be reached at all times for work-related emergencies, are the only HSOLC employees whose job duties automatically make them eligible for agency provided cell phones.
  2. HSOLC will also provide cell phones on all buses and vans for emergency use only.
  3. A limited number of HSOLC cell phones may be made available for use by employees, such as home visitors, who require a cell phone at different times for safety purposes. These phones may be checked out for a specific time period.
  4. All other HSOLC employees must make a case for substantial business reason to the Executive Committee on an individual basis.
  5. An employee who uses a company-supplied device or a company-supplied vehicle is prohibited from using a cell phone, hands on or hands off, or similar device while driving, whether the business conducted is personal or company-related. This prohibition includes receiving or placing calls, text messaging, surfing the Internet, receiving or responding to email, checking for phone messages, or any other purpose related to your employment; the business; our customers; our vendors; volunteer activities, meetings, or civic responsibilities performed for or attended in the name of the company; or any other company or personally related activities not named here while driving. Use of company owned vehicles or devices for personal business is discouraged.

Policy Council approved March 2012

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