Staff will ensure that all accidents are managed in accordance with Medic First Aid guidelines.

Data about child accidents will be entered into the child’s electronic file.

Regional Managers (RM) and The Health / Safety Consultant (HSC) will monitor accident frequency, type and location using electronic reports, and will meet annually (at a minimum) to perform accident prevention planning.


Playground Safety Child Health Education Lesson Planning

  1. All Direct service staff (DST) will have current certification for Medic First Aid Infant & Child CPR & First Aid.
  2. Any accident involving a child that requires a teacher to provide first aid (bumps, bruises, scrapes, splinters-band-aids, ice packs ) must be written up on an accident report form and reported in writing to the child’s parent (s) on the day of the incident and to Regional Managers (RM) within 24 hours.
    1. The yellow and white copies of the Accident Report form will be sent home to the parent to be signed.
    2. Parent returns yellow copy to the site for the child’s file.
    3. The pink copy will be forwarded to the RM.
  3. Any accident involving staff will be reported to the RM within 24 hours using a staff accident report form.
  4. Any serious injuries (e.g., broken bones, severe bleeding, loss of consciousness) require a call to 911. If the 911 dispatcher does not feel the injury warrants EMS involvement, staff will follow recommendations of 911 dispatcher- and notify RM and HSC as soon as feasible.
  5. RMs will ensure that data about child accidents are entered into child’s electronic file in a timely manner
  6. The HSC will review accident reports from the child and family database and consult with the RMs when any issues or concerns arise.
  7. During the first week of school safety concepts will be introduced relative to appropriate classroom and playground safety rules. Safety lessons and emergent curriculum will be documented in the lesson plans.

This policy complies with Head Start Performance Standard 45 CFR Section 1304.22 .
It was approved by Policy Council on October 17, 1997.
Revised June 13, 2001. July 17th, 2003. June 8, 2006
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