Head Start of Lane County will ensure that any parent/caregiver, whose primary language is other than English, will receive services or material in their primary language, to the extent it is feasible.


  1. Parents will inform Head Start staff of their primary language through the Head Start eligibility process. Head Start staff will obtain necessary support in order to communicate with parents in their primary language.
  2. For Spanish, Head Start of Lane County interpreters and/or bilingual staff will be used as interpreters/translators.
  3. For languages other than Spanish to include American Sign Language, HSOLC will first seek support via the HR Department and existing staff. If no HSOLC staff is available, parents/caregivers will have the option to use an adult family member or friend as a volunteer to help interpret material or translate. If there are no family volunteers available and if there are no current HS staff with a particular language fluency, the program will arrange for appropriate interpretation services at no cost to the parent/caregiver.

Policy Council approved August 19, 2009

REVIEWED: January 2022

UPDATED: January 2022