Head Start will establish, maintain and implement communication and reporting systems to ensure timely and accurate information is provided to parents, policy groups, staff and the community and feedback is received from these.


Provide forums for staff to comment and share information with management.

  1. Two way communications between staff and parents will be, on a regular basis, in the parent’s primary language or through an interpreter.
    1. Written notice
    2. Phone
    3. E-mail, texting apps
    4. Home visits, virtual visits
    5. Parent conference
    6. Inter-agency mail system
  2. Governing bodies will be given regular communications regarding
    1. training opportunities
    2. financial reports (monthly)
    3. planning
    4. policies and procedures
    5. grant applications
    6. national and local information
      1. Information will be given in advance of any planned meeting date to allow the governing body time to review and digest the information.
  3. Family Support Coordinators (FSC) will arrange for translation services for welcome visits, parent meetings, etc.
    1. If the interpreter is unable to provide services on that date, that interpreter will contact other interpreters to see whether they are available.
    2. If no interpreter is available, the FSC will be assisted in accessing an outside interpreter.
      1. If the interpreter is not a regular employee, he/she needs to have a W-9 on file in payroll and a “Translation Services Provided” form filled out each time they work. Forward these to payroll.
  4. Staff will use the web based portal system to keep current on:
    1. Minutes
    2. Upcoming events/current events
    3. Training opportunities
    4. Job postings
    5. State / National news
  5. Direct Service Teams will use regular staff meetings to communicate among each other and facilitate quality outcomes for children and families.
  6. Regular staff meetings including:
    1. Regional
    2. Leadership
    3. Daily Operations, and
    4. Various committees
  7. Electronic mail will be utilized by all staff to facilitate communication between staff, parents, governing bodies and community agencies.
  8. Confidentiality statements will be signed by: (see Confidentiality Statement policy)
    1. All staff
    2. Policy Council members
    3. Volunteers
  9. Tracking and reporting systems will be used by appropriate personnel to monitor, track and follow up on family and child services.
  10. Child information will be exchanged, with a signed permission by the parent, with relevant community agencies and public school systems.(see Transition from Head Start to Kindergarten policy)
  11. Parents can request a copy of their child’s file with advanced notice. (see Confidentiality of Records and Student Education Record policy)
  12. All records will be maintained for as long as required.
  13. Official records will be accurate, clear and readable. These reports include but are not limited to:
    1. Program Information Report
    2. Financial audit reports
    3. Federal and state reports
    4. Taxes
    5. USDA
    6. Other reports required by the Head Start Bureau, Federal, State and local laws.

This policy complies with Head Start Performance Standard 1302.101 (b) (4); 1302.50 (2)
It was approved by Policy Council on April 24, 2001
Updated January 25, 2001. February 22, 2001. February 2021. December 2022
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Reviewed: February 2021. November 2022