Every three years Head Start of Lane County will conduct a community needs assessment to collect data about community strengths, needs and resources. Head Start of Lane County will use this data to make decisions about long and short term goals, selection criteria, the type of services provided for children and families and to determine collaboration possibilities with other agencies. Data will be updated each year as needed.


  1. Every three years Head Start will conduct a community needs assessment in accordance with Performance Standard 1302.11 (b) that will include:
    1. Demographic make-up of Head Start eligible families in Lane County, including number, geographic location, and racial/ethnic composition.
    2. Other child development and child care programs serving Head Start eligible children.
    3. Estimated number of children with disabilities four years and under.
    4. Data about education, health, nutrition and social service needs of Head Start eligible families.
    5. Resources in the community that could address these needs.
  2. The annual grant planning and budget process will include a review and update of the strengths, needs and resources in the various communities throughout Lane County.
  3. Information from local, state and federal sources including the Oregon Department of Education, Employment Division, Lane Family Connections, Department of Health and Human Services and United Way will be utilized.
  4. Analysis of the assessment information will be used in developing long and short term goals in the strategic and grant planning process, including locations of sites, program options, staffing patterns and identifying areas of need.

This policy complies with Head Start Performance Standard 1302.11 (b)
It was approved by Policy Council on April 24, 2001
Updated January 18, 2001. February 20, 2001

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