All children enrolled in HSOLC will be offered a professional Dental Hygiene Examination and appropriate dental prevention interventions in partnership with the Community Health Centers of Lane County. The results of the Dental Hygiene exam will be used to assist with appropriate referrals to the child’s dental home.


Regional Assistant (RA)Responsibilities:

  1. During enrollment interview the RA should encourage parent or guardian to sign the Authorization for Dental Hygiene Services form. (Only children with a signed authorization form will receive Dental Prevention services in the Head Start classroom)
  2. The signed original form should be forwarded to the Health Assistant. It is recommended that a copy be kept with the site file.

Family Support Coordinator (FSC) Responsibilities:

  1. Teachers/FSC will work in partnership with Health Assistant on days that dental services are scheduled in the HS classroom to assure that children are escorted to and from the dental services as efficiently as possible. If the FSC is unable to be at the site on the scheduled day they should inform the Health Assistant so that alternative support can be arranged. (This is most critical on days when more than 10 children are scheduled for services.)
  2. Teacher/FSC will determine the family’s capacity to follow-through with the referral recommendations and proceed accordingly.
    1. Level 1 and 2 referrals: families will be expected to follow through on their own unless there are unusual barriers in place. If staff determines that the family cannot follow through appropriately on level 1 & 2 referrals, they should contact the Health Safety Consultant (HSC) for assistance.
    2. Level 3 and Level 4 referrals: the FSC will work from the follow-up plan developed by the HSC and document progress in Child Plus.

Health Assistant and Health Safety Consultant (HSC) Responsibilities:

  1. Health Assistant and HSC will develop a schedule at the beginning of each program year that indicates when a Licensed Dental Professional will be at a particular site. That schedule will be adapted as needed during the school year dependent on triage results and planned prevention interventions.
  2. Health Assistant will accompany Licensed Dental Professional to classrooms to provide administrative support if more than 5 children are scheduled for services. HSC will serve as a backup to the Health Assistant as needed.
  3. Health Assistant will enter all Level 1& Level 2 results into Child Plus. The follow-up box will not be checked on these cases.
  4. HSC will enter Level 3 and Level 4 results, and also indicate that follow-up is needed by checking the follow-up needed box in Child Plus. A copy of the DH Exam form will then be forwarded to HSC so that she can develop a follow-up plan in Child Plus.
  5. HSC will enter Dental Referrals into the Referral section of Child Plus as indicated from the triage results.
  6. HSC will coordinate prevention interventions directly with Community Health Centers of Lane County and manage any associated contracts or billing.

This policy complies with Head Start Performance Standard 45CFR Section 1304.20.
Policy Council approved September14, 2004

Updated July 2013. April 2021

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