Parents are given opportunities to learn about the program structure and philosophy of Head Start and how they are implemented in their child’s Head Start experience.


Orientations will occur by the first large group day of the program year or within two weeks of child’s first day of attendance.


  1. DST will orient new parents to the program. Re-enrollees will be asked to update their paperwork prior to the start of the new school year. (see Child & Adult Care Food Program Child Enrollment Policy)
  2. Each parent will receive a parent handbook/calendar at orientation. DST members will refer back to the handbook/calendar and cover the following information during orientation in the order in which it appears in the program information guide calendar:
    1. Fill in names of staff, address and phone for site, other support staff, classroom schedule (see back page.
  3. DST will plan for two way communication between staff and parents:
    1. Phone calls
    2. Mail
    3. Notes home with children
    4. Monthly newsletters (see policy)
    5. Home visits and Parent/Teacher conferences (see policy)
    6. Monthly site calendars
  4. Parents will receive an explanation of what they can expect for family services :
    1. Home visits
    2. Family Partnership process
    3. Focus on male involvement
    4. Goal setting information and supporting parents
    5. Information and referral
    6. Crisis intervention
    7. Translation services for non-English speakers
    8. Family activity events
  5. Parents will receive:
    1. A tour of the facility
    2. Resource Directory poster
    3. Pedestrian Safety Education and Information
    4. Policy Council information brochure
  6. Parents will complete the following forms:
    1. Parent Education and Information Survey
    2. Volunteering – Ways You Can Help
    3. Orientation checklist
    4. Policy Council Information and Interest Sheet
  7. FSS or Regional staff will enter orientation form data in the forms table located in the WebCAF Family Service domain.

This policy complies with Head Start Performance Standards 45 CFR Section 1304.40.
It was approved by Policy Council on May 10, 2011

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