1. Early Head Start (EHS) staff (and consultants with frequent EHS involvement) are required to confirm:
    1. MMR vaccination
    2. Varicella vaccination (or documentation of clinical illness)
    3. Influenza vaccine (Including H1N1)
    4. Pertussis vaccination
    5. Annual Tuberculosis Screening Questionnaire
    6. Annual Employee Health Appraisal
  2. If an EHS employee is unwilling to provide proof of vaccinations, or to get recommended vaccinations, they will be required to meet with the health and Nutrition Consultant about communicable disease risks to infants and pregnant women, and agree to a plan that would limit the employees’ exposure to high-risk infants and pregnant women during communicable disease outbreaks.
  3. All other HS staff:
    1. Annual Employee Health Appraisal
    2. Annual Tuberculosis Screening Questionnaire

Performance Standard:

Policy Council approved: May 2010. December 2012