Field trips will be preplanned and emergency procedures prepared. Field trips will support the classroom educational experience, current curricula, the level and cultural backgrounds of children.


See FieldTrip Safety policy.


  1. No more than one (1) hour in one-way travel time. Any trip that takes longer than one (1) hour must have approval by the Regional Manager. Exceptions could be in outlying areas.
  2. Any field trip requiring bus transportation must be pre-approved by Regional Manager on the Request for Bus Service form. Request for bus service from Head Start must be sent in one week prior to the scheduled field trip.
  3. No siblings are not permitted to ride the bus on field trips. Siblings attending field trips (via personal vehicles) are the sole responsibility of the parent/guardian for supervision. Private vehicles can only be used by parent or authorized people to transport their own children. No other Head Start children may ride in that private car.

Teacher Responsibilities

  1. The field trip will be relevant to the curriculum (reflective of needs, interests and cultures of children). Document relevance on Field Trip Bus Request form.
  2. Staff will check that parents have signed permission for field trips. If there is no record of signed permission, written permission will be obtained. (see policy)
  3. Classroom discussion will happen both before and after the field trip to prepare children and assess outcomes.
  4. Parents and volunteers will accompany field trips to ensure adequate supervision with appropriate adult/child ratios. There will be a ratio of at least one adult per eight children on field trips. Whenever possible the adult/child ratio should be as high as one adult per two children. It is particularly important to have a high adult to child ratio when going places that have either a large number of people present or near water (river, lakes, ocean), areas that are remote and have few emergency facilities/phones nearby. (see policy)
  5. Children will be counted and names recorded on an attendance sheet prior to leaving and before returning.
  6. Fieldtrips to the central kitchen will be scheduled in advance with the Food Service Manager or Food Service Assistant.

Parent Responsibilities

  1. Parents will be notified of any details about each field trip.
  2. Alternate arrangements will be made for children unable to participate.
  3. Direct service team members will discuss field trips at parent meetings, sharing how the field trips integrate into the curriculum, and how parents can be involved.
  4. Parents are encouraged to attend field trips, however, they may need to provide their own transportation due to limited seating on the bus.

This policy complies with Head Start Performance Standard 45CFR Section 1304.21 .
It was approved by Policy Council on April 8, 1997; August 9,2005
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