Head Start staff and all other adults working in the classroom will teach and model appropriate hand washing practices in order to lower the risk of spreading communicable diseases.


  1. Staff and children shall wash their hands whenever hands come in contact with body fluids and the following times:
    1. Before food preparation, handling, or serving. (including setting the table)
    2. After toileting or changing diapers.
    3. After assisting a child with toilet use.
    4. Before and after eating meals or snacks.
    5. After handling pets or other animals.
    6. Before and after using disposable gloves.
    7. After coughing or sneezing.
    8. After inspecting hair for lice.
    9. Before and after giving medications.
  2. Clear, simple hand washing procedures will be posted in all classrooms, including these steps.

Step 1 Wet hands with water and then add soap.
Step 2 Use friction to work up lather and wash hands for at least 10-20 seconds.
Step 3 Rinse well under a stream of water.
Step 4 Dry hands thoroughly, with a single use paper towel.
Step 5 Turn off faucet with a paper towel, if possible.

This policy complies with Head Start Performance Standard 45 CFR Section 1304.22 .
It was approved by Policy Council on June 10, 1997
Updated May 28, 2002
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REVIEWED: April 2021