Each child will be weighed and measured periodically to assess and track their individual growth and development.


  1. Children will be weighed and measured in both the Fall and Spring or for full day/year programs at least two times per year and six months apart (if possible).
  2. During small group days each child will be measured and weighed appropriately. The results are entered into Child Plus.  The child’s BMI will automatically be calculated.
  3. Have child take off shoes when weighing and make sure the scale is on a hard surface, not a rug. Turn on scale first (if electronic) then have child step on scale and stand still. Record exactly what the scale shows as the child’s weight (i.e., if it says 35.35 lbs that is what you record or round up to 35.50 if necessary for data entry).
  4. Attach metal height ruler to a wall with the bottom of the ruler at the same level as the floor in which the child will be standing. For reliable results measure the child on a hard surface rather than carpeting.
  5. Have child take off shoes and look at object directly at eye level. Using a flat ruler or other rigid straight object hold on top of child’s head and move end of object straight across head to ruler, record height in feet and inches. Round up to the nearest quarter inch and record as quarter inches as .25, .5 or .75. (e.g., 3 ft 5.75 inches)
  6. A second height and weight screening will be performed six months after the initial screening. The steps listed above should be followed.
  7. The Health Safety Consultant may have special recommendations for children who are underweight or overweight. In such cases the parent, Regional Manager and Direct Services teams will be involved in the planning and implementation of any specific recommendations.

This policy complies with Head Start Performance Standard 45 CFR Section 1304.20.
It was approved by Policy Council on June 10, 1997.
Revised June 13, 2001, Last revision June 20, 2003. April 2021

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REVIEWED: April 2021