Head Start/Early Head Start of Lane County will establish and maintain an organizational structure that supports the agency’s mission statement. The structure will address the major and minor functions and responsibilities assigned to each job category.


  1. Job descriptions will be written and updated that reflect the major and minor job responsibilities, communication, and qualifications.
  2. Each job position will be assigned to a supervisor. At a minimum these positions will be assigned to:
    1. administration management
    2. program management
    3. early childhood development and health management
    4. family and community partnerships management
  3. An organizational flow chart will be maintained to visualize the chain of command.
  4. Management is responsible for the leadership, direction and oversight in the areas of:
    1. planning, development and implementation of services
    2. long and short range goals
    3. communication between and among staff, parents and the community
    4. community partnerships
    5. training, team building, and
    6. administration of personnel supervision
  5. All staff will have the necessary skills, knowledge and experience to perform their assigned job responsibilities.
    1. Applications will be screened by the HR Dept. to ensure candidates meet the qualifications for the job category.
    2. The HR Dept. will coordinate the hiring panel.
      1. A parent is part of the hiring panel whenever possible.
    3. The HR Dept will make coordinate the interview process
      1. When in-person interviews are held, the receptionist will be given the interview schedule.
    4. The HR Dept (with approval from the HR Director) will inform applicants of the agency’s decision by phone or mail.

This policy complies with Head Start Performance Standard 1302.91
Updated April 25, 2001, May 2013

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