As part of the partnership process, Teacher and/or Family Service Coordinator (FSC) will provide information and/or referrals to all enrolled families in the family’s preferred language, or through interpretation if necessary. Follow up is required on all referrals or parent requested information to see if the information/resources provided met the expressed need(s) before they are considered complete.


  1. All families will complete a Parent Education and Interest Survey at the parent orientation. This will help staff determine needs and interests which will be further addressed at home visits to develop family activity events.
  2. Information from the Parent Education and Interest Survey form will be entered in the Family Service forms table in WebCAF by Family Service Coordinators (FSC). These topics will be addressed by home visits, and Parent/Teacher conferences and through the provision of resources and referrals.
  3. Family activity events and other parent education opportunities will be used to provide information and resources as requested by using the regional report in WebCAF for the parent education survey.
  4. In addition to items checked on the survey, ongoing requests for information and referral will also be documented within five (5) working days in the I & R table each time that either one is provided to a family. These topics will appear in each family’s record in the Family Service domain and serve as a discussion point for further follow up and referral by staff.
  5. Staff will utilize the Information and Referral report for follow up work with families.
  6. If the family received a service provided directly by Head Start or accessed through an outside agency, staff will complete the I & R Table in WebCAF to include a category, description and additional linked notes that describe the resources or information provided. Follow up information is documented by choosing an outcome and indicating satisfaction. Following provision of resource/information and referrals, staff will contact families to determine outcome and parent satisfaction. Document information in WebCAF.
  7. Staff will follow up with the family to determine whether the kind, quality and timeliness of the services received through referrals met the families expectations and circumstances and document in the I & R table in WebCAF.
  8. The process is not complete until staff has completed a follow up contact with the family. Follow up may occur during a home visit, phone conversation, email or site contact and must be documented in WebCAF.

This policy complies with Head Start Performance Standard 45 CFR 1304.40 (b)
Policy Council approved August 8, 2006
Updated June 2006. June 2008. May 2009. August 2012. July 2013

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