The food provided at agency sponsored meetings and training for families will be consistent with the child nutrition requirements and will offer a variety of food choices which are balanced nutritionally.


  1. Food and beverages for all Head Start sponsored functions will demonstrate optimal nutrition practices and maintain the following general guidelines:
    1. Be flexible to meet the needs of the families served (take into consideration special needs, cultural preferences, personal preferences)
    2. Provide nutritionally balanced meals (breakfast, lunch, supper, snack) when children are included.
    3.  Serve a variety of foods.
    4. When children are eating follow USDA / CACFP guidelines.
  2. Healthy snacks/food for all Head Start sponsored functions will be supplied by stores, local restaurants or other authorized food service kitchens. Food prepared at individual’s homes can not be used for parent events that are sponsored by Head Start of Lane County. See the 2011 monthly menu for meal choices
  1. Food Preparation and Handling Policy must be followed when preparing food for family functions.
  1. A person with a food handler’s card must be present and supervising the preparation, storage and service of food at all Head Start functions.

Policy Council has approved it on May 12, 1998. November 9, 2004
Updated June 13, 2001; last updated on June 17, 2004. July 14, 2004. June 2011.
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