Staff and families will work together to identify each child’s nutritional needs.

The Health and Nutrition team will be responsible for addressing the needs of high risk children , (ie.metabolic disorders, life threatening allergies).


  1. During registration, the Regional Assistant (RA) will talk with the family about any food allergies, special diet requests found in the Document Archive, or other nutrition concerns that have been noted on the Child Health Information Form. In the screening domain of Child Plus, the RA will enter that they completed the nutrition screening. If the family does not have any concerns, the RA does not need to document follow-up needed. However, if there are any concerns or special circumstances, the RA will document that there is follow up needed in the text box of the screening table.
  2. When DST identify children that have eating issues (picky eaters, over-eaters, inappropriate mealtime behaviors) or food allergies, special diet requests, or other nutrition concerns they must email the Health and Nutrition team for consultation.
  3. If follow up is needed, reports will be generated in Child Plus and Teachers/FSC will ensure that follow up is completed. If nutrition education materials are needed, the site team will order materials through the Health Specialist.
  4. If the family is not enrolled in WIC, information will be given to them about WIC and the RA will document the reason for non-involvement in WIC in the pop-up provided by Child Plus in the enrollment edit screen during the registration interview.
  5. Height and weight measurements are completed and entered into Child Plus according to the Height/Weight Screening policy at least twice a year.
  6. The Health and Safety Consultant (HSC) will monitor the growth patterns of children utilizing CDC guidelines on overweight and underweight and follow up with the FA/HV if there are concerns. / about children’s BMI.

This policy complies with Head Start Performance Standard 45 CFR Section 1304.23 .

It was approved by Policy Council on October 14, 1997.
Revised June 13, 2001. June 6, 2002, July 22, 2003. June 27, 2006. August 17, 2006. February 1, 2007, June 2008.July 2013. April 2021

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