In certain cases, there may be a suspension of rules allowing the Policy Council to over-ride the bylaws at a single meeting. Two-thirds majority vote of the Policy Council will suspend the bylaws


  1. A motion to suspend rules will be effective only for the meeting in which the motion was made or for an identified timeframe.
  2. A motion to suspend rules must specify the rule to be suspended.
  3. Proposed amendments to bylaws are sent to the Bylaws Committee for review and recommendation. (see Policy Council Sub-Committees and Description of Standing Committees policy)
  4. The proposed amendment shall be presented in writing to the Policy Council members in session at a regular meeting. The proposed amendment will then be placed on the agenda for vote at the next regular meeting.
  5. A two-thirds majority vote by present members in favor of an amendment will result in a change of the bylaws.
  6. Bylaws must be reviewed at least every two years and rewritten to include new amendments yearly.
  7. Bylaw revisions approved by the Policy Council will move to the Board of Directors for final approval.

This policy complies with Head Start Act Section 642
It was approved by Policy Council on September 9, 1997.
Updated January 17, 2001

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