Policy Council membership is limited to five, one year terms. If the member intends to serve for another year, the person must stand for re-election. The Policy Council bylaws will also reflect the five, one year term limits.


  1. Election to Policy Council (PC) will take place at the classroom level. The application for membership will ask how many years the applicant has been involved with PC at any Head Start program.
  2. The PC roster will track the number of years elected to the Council, not to exceed five years.
  3. A new PC must be seated before the current PC can be dissolved.

This policy complies with Head Start Performance Standard 1301.3(d) (1-4)
It was approved by Policy Council on September 9, 1997.

Updated October 25, 2002. October 2017. December 2020

REVIEWED: December 2020

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