The purpose of the Policy Council is to provide a formal means of involving parents, agency, and community persons in decisions affecting the operation and management of the Head Start program.


  1. At a minimum, the Policy Council is expected to:
    1. Participate in establishing criteria for and the selection of the program staff.(see Policy Council Subcommittees policy)
    2. Assist the agency in the development of and give approval to Head Start grant applications.
    3. Initiate suggestions and ideas for program improvements. (see Program Evaluation policy)
    4. Establish a procedure for hearing complaints against the Head Start program. (see Policy Council Concern and Feedback policy)
    5. Assist agency in organizing activities for parents, communicating with present and past parents, encouraging active parent participation, recruiting volunteers, and mobilizing community resources.
    6. Serve as a link between public and private organizations.
    7. Establish and review Head Start policy and approve major programmatic changes.
    8. Evaluate program on an annual basis using the program evaluation tools.. (see Program Evaluation policy and Program Self Assessment)
    9. Review and approve of disbursement of parent activity and Policy Council funds on an annual basis.
    10. Plan and implement participation in local community events:
      1. celebrations,
      2. festivals,
      3. fairs,
      4. parades, etc.

This policy complies with Head Start Performance Standard 45CFR Section 1301.3
It was approved by Policy Council on September 9, 1997.
Updated October 25, 2002., April 2009. October 2017
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