Purpose & Goals

  1. To assure full enrollment
  2. To develop a recruitment plan.
  3. To develop a policy for selection.
  4. To develop a policy for enrollment.
  5. To develop a policy for timely inkae of new enrollees.
  6. To develop a policy for attendance requirements and follow up.

Committee Priorities

Job Description

A. Time Commitment:

Members of the ERSEA Committee are expected to plan for approximately one and one half hours (1.5) at least every month at a date and time set by the committee.

B. Expectations:

  1. Members are required to participate in an orientation session regarding the mission statement, committee charter and focus of the committee.
  2. Members are expected to know, understand and support the mission of Head Start of Lane County.
  3. Members are expected to be objective regarding proposals and issues brought before the committee.
  4. Members are expected to obtain input from the group they represent concerning matters brought before the committee.
  5. Members (or alternates) are expected to attend all meetings.
  6. Members are expected to listen to other members’ input, ask questions regarding issues brought before the committee, and express a decision concerning issues relative to the instructions of the group they represent.
  7. Members are expected to perform duties in a positive, and respectful manner.


  1. Regular meetings shall be held at least every month on the third Thursday at a time to be set by the committee (1:30pm-3:00pm).
  2. Special meetings may be called by the Facilitator as deemed necessary.
  3. Ad hoc committees will be set up to work on special projects and report at the next regular meeting for action.
  4. The ERSEA Manager shall facilitate the committee meetings.
  5. A Committee member will record minutes of the meetings and send out minutes and agendas to the members.
  6. A quorum shall consist of five (5) voting members.


A. Voting membership composition:

  1. Two representatives from the Policy Council.
  2. Family Support Coordinator (FSC) / FSC-Interpreter.
  3. Child Development/Disabilities Consultant or Coordinator.
  4. Assistant Regional Manager.
  5. One Regional Manager Part Day / Full Day.
  6. One RA from each region.
  7. Teacher

B. Alternate

  1. Each group represented shall choose an alternate to attend meetings when the voting representatives cannot attend.

C. Vacancies

    1. Each group represented is responsible for filling any vacancy arising in representation.

D. Attendance Requirements

      1. Attendance is required at all meetings.
      2. The voting member shall inform the alternate as soon as possible of an upcoming absence.
      3. The voting member shall inform the alternate of any issues or concerns to be discussed at the meetings and the opinion of the group represented.

Agenda Items

  1. The agenda will be set at the current meeting for the meeting following. Items or concerns arising between meetings that need to be addressed for program operation may be added at the facilitator’s discretion.
  2. Any non-committee member may submit any issue/concern to a committee member in writing at least two days in advance of the meeting to be considered for an agenda item.
  3. A recommendation will be made to the Leadership Advisory Committee (LAC), Policy Council and Board of Directors for review and approval.

Revised: October 2009; July 2010; January 2014; October 2017

Reviewed: December 2020