The health and safety of children, families and staff is a priority. To provide the proper conditions for everyone, the building heating system will be monitored, adjusted and used appropriately.

All heaters and registers have a method by which the heat can be regulated. It is the responsibility of Head Start staff to ensure that the temperatures of the classrooms and radiator covers are appropriate and safe in accordance with the following guidelines:

  1. Classroom temperature should be maintained at 70º during the winter.
  2. The radiator guard surface accessible to children and staff should never exceed 110º

Site staff will follow this procedure to assure adequate heating for children.


  1. Staff will monitor the ambient temperature in the classroom with a thermometer located near the center of the room at a height of htree feet from the floor.
  2. When the temperature is at 70º and the children have not yet entered the classroom, the heater thermostat in each classroom will be set to 60º degrees.
  3. If the classroom temperature on the thermometer falls below 70º, the blower will be turned on to heat the room (the use of the blower will also ensure that the radiator guard surface remains below 110º).
  4. If the temperature is still too low, the thermostat will be raised to 65º to allow the temperature to increase.
  5. When the room reaches 70º again, the thermostat will be rest to 60º and the blower should be turned off only if the radiator cover is below 110º.
  6. Any issues or concerns with the heating system will immediately be reported to the Regional Manager. If the issue is in a location other than the classroom, the Region Manager will contact the Facilities Manager to correct the issue.
  7. This procedure will be reviewed annually at a fall Whiteaker Regional Team meeting close to the time the boilers are to be turned on for the winter.

This policy complies with Head Start Performance Standard CFR 1304.22(d)

Policy Council approved February 8, 2011
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REVIEWED: April 2021