Head Start of Lane County will maintain a safe and healthy workplace for all employees.


Management commitment to workplace safety (Roles and Responsibilities)

  1. Provide necessary physical resources (tools, equipment, and materials) to ensure employees are able to accomplish their assigned tasks in a safe and efficient manner.
  2. Provide psychosocial support (training, workloads and scheduling) to ensure employees are able to accomplish their assigned tasks in an efficient and safe manner.
  3. Prevent, identify, control, and correct hazards and behaviors.
  4. Attend training in Accident/Incident Investigation and Hazard Identification
  5. Be familiar with OAR 437-001-0760 Rules for All Workplaces
  6. Comply with “Management Responsibility to Committee Member” as stated in Safety Committee Member Contract.
  7. Comply with safety standards.
  8. Coordinate safety work orders with maintenance.
  9. Ensure all employees under their supervision have adequate knowledge and skills to perform duties assigned.
  10. Recognize and reward employees who voluntarily participate in safety activities.

HR Director: (Roles and Responsibilities)

  1. Claims Management Program to ensure injury claim reporting and processing are accomplished in a timely manner
  2. Early-Return-To-Work (light duty) program to ensure employees have an opportunity to perform appropriate work as soon as possible after an injury
  3. Maintain records an occupational injury, illness, incidents and accidents for statistical analysis
  4. Employee Assistant Program to help employees who voluntarily request assistance
  5. Drug Free Workplace Program

Health/Safety Consultant<HSC>/Assistant:

  1. Identify, evaluate, and assist in controlling physical hazards in the workplace.
  2. Employee Wellness Program that prepares employees for the physical and psychosocial demands of work.
  3. Provide management data for measuring effectiveness and improving the safety plan.
  4. Assist with implementing safety education and training.
  5. Assist in observations, safety inspections, job safety analysis, and incident and accident analysis.
  6. Evaluate and assist in controlling chemical hazards in the workplace.
  7. Assist in implementation required safety programs, plan processes, procedures, and practices.

Safety Committee:

  1. Make written recommendations to Management.
  2. Track and analyze all Incidents and Accident reports.
  3. Create and run a Safety Recognition/Incentive Program.
  4. Enhance safety awareness among staff.


  1. Comply with all agency safety policies and rules Including those included in OAR 437-001-0760 Rules for All Workplaces
  2. Comply with Oregon Child Care Division: Rules for the Certification of Child Care Centers
  3. Comply with Department of Motor Vehicles :
  4. Complete an Accident/Incident report for any Accident or Incident within 24 hours. Give one copy to Safety Committee representative, and one copy to your supervisor.
  5. Warn co-workers of unsafe conditions, hazards, or unsafe behaviors.

Policy Council approved on October 12, 2004

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Updated April 2021

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