Head Start of Lane County provides safe environments for our students, families and staff at all times.


  1. All staff will wear Head Start badges at all times so visitors are aware of who they are.
  2. All sites will have signs posted reminding visitors to check in with Head Start Staff upon arrival.
  3. All staff and visitors will sign in and out daily as they arrive and when they leave for the day.
    1. At classroom sites this will be done at the classroom door.
    2. At the administration site visitors who come through the front doors rather than a classroom will sign in and out at the front office.
  4. Upon arriving at the site, visitors will check in with a staff member. If staff members see a visitor on site who has not checked in, he or she will introduce him/herself to the visitor and ascertain their purpose.
  5. All sites will have visitor or parent badges to be worn while at the site by all adults who are not staff members. For those sites in schools, visitors will wear badges as requested by the school.
  6. There will be a sign in/out sheet provided in an easily accessible area for staff and those visitors who are not already signing in by dropping off or picking up a child or volunteering in the classroom. Staff members will direct visitors to the proper sign in sheet and provide the visitor with the appropriate badge.
  7. Visitors will be escorted by a staff member when in the building. If the visitor is maintenance personnel, the staff person who escorted the individual to where he/she will be working will then let all staff know that there are visitors on site working on the building without a staff member directly supervising him/her. This is to enhance awareness of teaching staff to account for all of their children.
  8. At sites where there are multiple classrooms each classroom will have its own sign in & out sheet; there will also be an overall site check-in/out sheet for staff who work throughout the entire site.
  9. Upon leaving the visitor will sign out and return the badge.
  10. The designated child division director for the site will be in charge of keeping the papers on file at the site throughout the year.
  11. All sites will keep classroom doors locked at all times except for 10 min before and after each class to allow for ease of pick up and drop off. Doors shall be locked in a manner that allows for easy exit from the building and meets fire codes.
  12. Door(s) will not be propped open.
  13. Visitors will knock on classroom doors or ring the doorbell to gain access. Before opening the door staff will ascertain who is at the door and that they should be allowed access before letting them in.
  14. At sites where the classroom is not accessed through the playground gate(s) the gates will be kept locked. Staff members will keep a key on them at all times for the playground locks so that they can easily get out if needed.
  15. If at any time a visitor who should not be on campus tries to gain access to a classroom or office the staff members will notify the Head Start of Lane County Admin office
  16. If at any time staff members feel they are in danger, they will call 911.

This policy complies with Head Start Performance Standard 1302.47 (4) (i) (E)

Policy Council approved: November 2019

REVIEWED: December 2020