All EHS infants and toddlers will be provided an opportunity to rest in a quiet and calm environment. Cribs, mats and all linen used during napping will be cleaned and disinfected in a manner that prevents spread of communicable disease.


  1. Communication will occur between parents and staff during enrollment as to special techniques which caregivers can do to help child rest.
  2. Staff will use appropriate (and acceptable) suggestions from the parent to assist children in resting. Infants and toddlers will sleep on their own schedules.
    1. Infants will be placed on their backs in cribs.
    2. No heavy blankets or stuffed toys.
    3. Infants and toddlers should not sleep in multiple layers of clothing. They should be dressed appropriately for an indoor environment.
    4. Firm mattresses will be used, avoiding soft bedding.
    5. Mats will be a minimum of 2″ thick.
    6. Cribs and mats will be three feet apart when occupied.
    7. Children will never be allowed to nap or sleep with a bottle. Infants will always be held for bottle feeding
  3. Care of Cribs, Mats and Linen:
    1. Children should not share personal bedding items.
    2. Cribs and cots must be spaced 3 feet apart.
    3. Cribs will be disinfected weekly (utilizing Alpha HP Disinfectant) in addition to any time that the crib is soiled with body fluids, or after a child’s illness.
    4. If cribs are shared by multiple children– the linens must be changed and crib disinfected between each use.
    5. Mats will be disinfected weekly when stored separately, or after each use when stored together.
    6. Linen used on cribs or mats will be washed and changed weekly in addition to any time that the linen is soiled with body fluids or after a child’s illness.
    7. Soiled linen will be stored away from food preparation areas and in a sanitary manner.
    8. Each infant will be assigned their own crib, identified by their name.
    9. When a child is ill and requires isolation, the isolation area shall be thoroughly cleaned after each use and all bedding laundered before it is used again. Also refer to our Classroom Sanitation Policy

Performance Standard—1304.22(e); 1304.53(b)(3)
Policy Council approved: May 2010
Updated February 2016