The Family and Community Partnership Consultant (FSCP) and Family Services Coordinators (FSC) act as advocates for Head Start families.


  1. FSC and/or FS-CP Consultant  interfaces or intervenes with community agencies when appropriate to assist families who express inability to use services successfully without assistance.
  2. Staff attend community meetings in their local areas to advocate for needs of the families in the program (example could include but are not limited to coordinating council, task forces, advisory groups, family resource centers,etc.).
  3. When staff attend relevant meetings (listed in #3) they will promote the access of children and families to community services that are responsive to their needs. They will maintain notes on relevant meetings with date and content.
  4. FSCs will notify supervisor of their request to attend community meetings prior to attending.
  5. Meeting attendance will be noted on FSC monthly report form.

This policy complies with Head Start Performance Standard 45 CFR Section 1304.40.
It was approved by Policy Council on September 9, 1997. August 12, 2014
Updated June 25, 2002. August 2013. August 2014.
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