Head Start of Lane County is an equal opportunity employer. The agency will not discriminate against an individual on the basis of race, color, national origin, gender, religion, age, disability, marital status, family relationship, sexual orientation, political beliefs, expunged juvenile record, filing of an injured worker claim, reporting of any safety problem, reporting a violation of any applicable state or federal law or regulation, or any other classification protected by law.

In an effort to reach qualified applicants of varied backgrounds, recruitment for positions will occur in several formats. All qualified applicants will be considered for posted positions. In cases where there are candidates with equal qualifications for a specific position, hiring preference will be given to parents in the program. For the purposes of this policy, the Human Resources Director will act as the designee of the Executive Director.

Recruitment Procedure

  1. Supervisor notifies Human Resources Manager via e-mail of vacancies to be filled. A determination is made regarding status and classification of the positions to be filled.
  2. A determination is made by Human Resources Specialist as to the most effective venues for recruitment (e.g., Web site/Portal, local newspapers, student placement offices; list-serves, flyers, job line etc.) and timelines. Human Resources insures placement of recruitment advertisements. Positions may be posted internally only or concurrently with external postings. Open positions will be posted for a minimum of five work days. Efforts will be made to ensure parents can access posted positions.
    1. Executive positions will be posted internally and externally simultaneously. Executive positions include: Executive Director, Head Start/Early Head Start Director, Head Start/Early Head Start Assistant Director, Chief Financial Officer, Human Resources Manager, and Operations Director
  3. Recruitment venues will list positions open, deadlines, wages, benefits etc. and the procedures for submitting an application and obtaining additional information.

Applicant Screening Procedure

  1. Human Resources Assistant will track and review all applications for completeness and minimum qualifications for posted open positions. The Human Resources Specialist may also perform an initial phone screen interview for selected positions. With the exception of internal candidates, applicants who submit resumes only, will not be considered. References may also be contacted at this time. HR Manager makes determinations regarding status and classification of the positions to be filled. Recommendations to delay and/ or temporarily fill positions will be made by the HR Manager to the Executive Committee for approval (status of bargaining unit positions shall follow the terms of existing language in the current labor contract).
  2. Applicants not meeting the criteria for a position will receive an email indicating the reason the applicant will not move forward in the process. The applications will be placed in the “not selected to interview” file for not less than one year.
  3. A second screen will be performed on qualified applicants by either the HR Manager, HR Specialist and/or a program manager/supervisor to review candidates for relevance of degrees and experience and to establish the most qualified of the applicants. If supplemental information is required of applicants the second screen will take this information into consideration to establish the most qualified.
  4. Recommendations for interviews of the most qualified will be made at this point. Those applicants chosen for interviews will be forwarded to Human Resources to arrange for the interview process.
  5. Applicants not selected for initial interview will be held until the hiring process is completed. If hiring process is not completed applicant may still be considered for interview. If no further interviews are require, these applicants will be placed in the no interview file and held for one year.

Interview Procedure

  1. An interview panel/schedule shall be arranged by Human Resources. The supervisor with a vacant position will chair the interview panel, whenever possible. In the case of multiple openings, a supervisor will be selected as chair. The interview panel chair and Human Resources will decide on the number of applicants to be interviewed.
    1. The interview procedure for Executive positions will be developed by the Board of Directors for the vacant position.
  2. The interview panel will typically consist of three to five people and may include,
    1. Panel chair (must be a manager/supervisor).
    2. A Head Start Parent, whenever possible, for all but substitute interviews.
    3. Other designated staff or community representatives.
    4. A bargaining unit member.
  3. Participants are informed of date, time, and obligations to Policy Council, if applicable.
  4. Prior to the interview, Human Resources will prepare interview packets, schedule and set up interview room. Interview packets will consist of job descriptions, appraisal sheets, questions and any other supplementary materials needed.
  5. Human Resources will ensure that the interview panel is instructed in confidentiality, position requirements and legal issues. The panel will be allowed time to review job descriptions, applications, and written work.
  6. The interview panel will discusses results and prioritize hiring recommendations. Recommendations will be noted in writing on screening/appraisal forms attached to interviewee’s application.

Employee Selection Procedure

  1. Hiring recommendations will be reviewed and approved by the Human Resources Manager.
  2. The Human Resources Specialist will perform a minimum of one employment and one personal reference check for each recommended hire.
  3. Human Resources Manager or Specialist contacts prospective employee to offer position. If accepted, arrangements will be made for a “new hire administrative orientation”. Prospective employee is reminded of the position requirements such as Criminal Background Registry (CBR), certifications, transcripts, health appraisals etc where needed. Candidate is also informed that employment is contingent upon Policy Council approval.
    1. The interview panel will recommend for hire the selected Executive position candidate to the Board of Directors.
    2. The Board of Directors will give approval for the hire recommendation contingent upon final approval by Office of Head Start – Region X.
  4. Salary & benefit determinations will be based upon current wage scales and benefit policies.
    1. The Board of Directors will approve salary and benefit determination for executive positions.
  5. All candidates who are interviewed but not chosen for hire will be contacted regarding the results of the selection process. Applications will be placed in the “interviewed applicants” file for not less than three years from date of the interview.
  6. At “new hire administrative orientation” prospective employee will complete all required hiring documentation and given information and various materials as outlined on the “new hire checklist”. Additional training may be arranged at this time. The supervisor of the prospective employee will be notified of the readiness of the hire and be expected to arrange for further program orientation and training.
  7. Payroll and finance will be informed of the hire via a Personnel Action Form to be provided by Human Resources.

Reinstatement and Rehire


  1. At the discretion of the Human Resources Manager (and with Policy Council approval), a former Head Start of Lane County employee who was in good standing with the organization at time of resignation may be re-instated, without a formal competitive hiring process into the classification they held at resignation. There must be an open position and they must re-apply within six months of their resignation to be considered for reinstatement.
  2. Good standing is typically defined as the most recent performance evaluation having a total score of not less than a 3 (meets expectations of job) and no recent disciplinary action (within 1 year) however, there may be other considerations such as the terms of the resignation (i.e. quit without notice etc.) and the degree/volume of any disciplinary action/s.
  3. Pay rate would be commensurate with the rate received at the time of resignation. Benefits* would not carry over from prior employment with Head Start of Lane County. *403 B Retirement benefit may be re-instated given the criteria set forth in the plan documents.
  4. Re-instated employee’s must also be currently enrolled in the Child Care Division Criminal Background Registry and meet the current minimum educational, experience and certification requirements of the position.
  5. See also article 14 of the Bargaining Unit Labor Contract for re-call rights after a reduction in force.


  1. All other former employee’s must apply for open positions and are subject to the same hiring processes and requirements as any other external candidate as stipulated in this policy.

Separation from employment


  1. Voluntary separation from employment, requires of the employee, written notification to the supervisor and Human Resources, which includes reason for leaving, last day of work and any forwarding information such as address, phone number etc.
  2. A follow up exit interview may be scheduled with Human Resources. A minimum of two weeks notice is requested. Less than two weeks notice for bargaining unit employee’s and substitute employee’s is considered a quit with insufficient notice and may harm re-hire or reinstatement prospects.
  3. For management staff a minimum one month notice is requested.


  1. Any recommendation for involuntary termination must be approved by the Human Resources Manager and/or the Executive Director and/or the Head Start-/Early Head Start Director. Policy Council will be notified of all involuntary terminations, except for termination of employees in new hire probationary period.
  2. Executive position terminations will be approved by the Board of Directors.

Performance Standard Ref. 1302.90

Policy Council Approval date: 04/01, 08/2008, 04/2010, 03/2024

Board of Directors Approval date: 0/2008, 03/2010, 05/2010, 03/2024

Updated/Revised: August 2008. March 2010. January 2024

REVIEWED: December 2020. December 2023. January 2024